15 creative Christmas ideas

Time is flying, that’s for sure. The Christmas time is getting closer and closer and again everyone is in preparation for the winter holidays. Personally i avoid as much as i can the crowded stores and i’m delighted with the idea of finding fun and less expensive alternatives for the gifts and ornaments. Including the satisfaction of doing everything with my own hands.


If you want to try your artistic talent (by yourself, with your closest friends or if you are a mother, with your children) i’ll show you here several options of possible gifts, creative ornaments, candy packaging or how to make a gift bag in a few steps. You will also see how to make a chocolate sled, how to create a different kind of Christmas tree, a cinnamon vanilla candle, or how you can customize your front door as a snowman.

ornamente mos craciun ren joben

conuri brad ornament sarbatori

idee cadou pusculita


cum faci o punga de cadou

brad perete idee creativa

sanie din dulciurilumanare vanilie scortisoara sarbatori ambalaj pentru dulciuri  ornament Craciun sarbatoare

ornament dulciuri bastonase sarbatori

ornament sticla lumanare

ornamente interior sticla beculete

usa personalizata om de zapada

vaza ornament stea sarbatori

UPDATE with other Christmas ideas:

Credit foto: Pinterest

Credit foto: Pinterest

Credit foto: Pinterest

Credit foto: Pinterest

Credit foto: Pinterest


Photo sourse: Pinterest

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