Do you have a sensitive skin? The 8 super products before and after sun exposure!

Protectie solara Guinot Academie CND Wella

The beautiful sun can trick us in the summertime. We’re getting happy for the great weather, for the sunny days and most of us love going to the beach… But are we really taking care of our skin protection in the sun?

I will make you a confession. One of my most trusted friends is a dermatologist. He told me a few years ago: ”always use a sun protection! Even if you are not at the beach at that time and you’re walking on the street, wearing close!”. He explained me that the sunlight radiations are more powerfull than i think and they can harm my skin, also in the short exposures, in my daily routine in the city.

Since then i kept that in my mind! Especially because i have a sensitive light skin, with redness after sun exposure. When I was a teenager i even had to use a burn spray because i stayed to much in the pool, at the sun. Now, i’m going to the beach for maximum one hour and a half in the morning and/or at the sunset. And I’m paying a lot more attention to the sunlight protection and the sunscreen I’m using for my skin. So what i included in my sun kit, at the seaside, are products that i like very much and i think they can be usefull for you too if you want a high protection for your skin safety.

Protectie solara Natures

1. Body Sunscreen Dry Oil, GUINOT UV Defence Sun Oil SPF 50 UVA/UVB. Apply generously 30 minutes before sun exposure. By the way, it smells very nice!

2. Sun spray Nature’s Isolari for face an body SPF 30, water resistant. Ideal for very light skin tones and delicate skin.

3. Sun cream anti-age for face and lips Nature’s Isolari SPF 50 UVA/UVB, water resistant.

4. Nail and Cuticle Conditioner CND Essentials Solar Oil.

5. SUN Hair and Skin Hydrator Wella Professionals SUN, which provides shimmer and long lasting moisture.

6. Arga Nature’s for hair sun protection with argan and linseed oil. Nature’s selects raw ingredients from all over the world.

7. MARVELOUS OIL ACADEMIE, for body, face and hair. Can be used for skin and hair all year round, in summer and winter. It has a captivating sweet and powdery fragrance.

8. Easy Body Scrub GUINOT, bath/shower exfoliating gel with loofa extract. Use on wet skin, before going to the seaside or at least one day before sun exposure.


Summer sun sea sandPhoto credit: Corina Stoicescu

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