Exclusive video interview with Barbara Isasi, Mandinga girl

Credit foto: Seby Ionescu

After participating in the show “The Voice of Spain” it didn’t take long until Barbara Isasi became the lead singer in one of the most popular bands… in Romania. Her adventure in Mandinga began for the Spanish singer with a song with the same name, ”Aventura”, and now she is telling us about the new exciting chapter in her life, in an exclusive interview for Esenta Tare (The Essence of It).

It is the first time when Barbara accept giving a solo video interview, without her colleagues from the band Mandinga. The singer talks about how she is living her dream every day since moved to Bucharest. She reveals which was actually her course until now and who is the beloved person who made everything possible. Among other curiosities, Carla’s Dreams is among her favorite artists and Barbara even demonstrates this by singing one of band’s famous hits.
The beautiful artist talks about her nutritional tips, what is helping her to be in shape, but also how she thinks about Romania and Romanians and what she likes here the most.

Exclusive video interview with Barbara Isasi, Mandinga girl

Uploaded by Corina Stoicescu on 2016-08-01.

Credit foto: Isabella Santeiu
Barbara Isasi is happy about how things happened in her life.
Barbara Isasi and Mandinga 2 Credit foto Seby Ionescu
Barbara with the other members from the band Mandinga.

Credit: Seby Ionescu (photo), Isabella Santeiu (photo and video)
Location: Roaba de cultura, Herastrau Park, Bucharest.

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