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With all this talks about the Brexit, FabUk Magazine is presenting you an artist who came to UK to build a life and persuing a career, by working hard to achieve his childhood dreams. He dreams of “building bridges” between people and creating bonds between nations. All with the power of music.

Oliver Popa a renowned vocal coach from Bucharest, Romania, moved from Eastern Europe to London a year ago in pursuit of his dream. And he has already established himself as one of the premier music instructor in the city. He has worked as an X Factor Vocal Coach and mentored many young contestants achieve their best, guiding them with their career in the music industry.

A good attitude is almost 80% of what makes an artist to stand out from the rest

I joined Oliver Popa for one day around London and I must say he has a very positive and encouraging attitude. His busy schedule starts bright and early, teaching at AB Music Academy, where I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of listening to some very talented students.
“It’s very rewarding to work with Oliver. He is a very kind and also a demanding teacher, that motivates me every time we meet. He tells us that a good attitude is almost 80% of what makes an artist to stand out from the rest.” says Victoria M. one of Oliver’s students.
“Music has no age. I have students from all ages and different life backgrounds. The most important thing they need is the passion and the willingness to give it a try” says Oliver Popa.
Afterwards I was delighted to take part on an upcoming show rehearsal, where the pianist Andrada Maria Brisc joined Oliver. Both of them are working for a new live show scheduled to open in the spring.

”Dreamgirls” experience is overwhelming

In the evening we went to see the musical “Dreamgirls”. Oliver lives and breathes music so he wanted to introduce FabUK to his most personal passion of them all and I was pleased to discover through his eyes this great new play in London.
“Dreamgirls is another dream who came true. I know the movie by heart and i was very excited to go and see the live show. The experience is overwhelming and the voices seem like they are out of this world. I would recommend everyone to go and see it” says Oliver.
<“Building bridges” for me means that i can offer a little part of my Romanian culture to my new students here in London. It is very interesting to have students of all backgrounds and nationalities. I believe in this bond which can be created between people no matter the circumstances.>.
With hard work anyone can make it and Oliver Popa is the living proof. He is one of the many who came to the UK in pursuit of his dream and a better life and is making a difference sharing his gift.

Photo credit: personal archive

The story has been published in FABUK magazine website (London), in January 2o17.

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