Viktoria Modesta, the sexy pop star with an amputated leg

Who says you can’t be a sexy model and almost a pop star if have only one leg? Viktoria Modesta is a model and a singer of Latvian origins and even if she has one leg amputated, this doesn’t make her less attractive.

She recently released a video for her song “Prototype” and it became viral. She doesn’t seem to have any inhibitions and i must admit she amazes me in the best positive sense. At her age, only 26 years old, many other girls lose confidence in themselves for much less important reasons.

Viktoria was born with a dislocated leg from her hip and because of this disability at the age of 6 there was already a visible difference between the length of her legs. By the age of 12 she underwent 15 operations in Latvia, but then she moved with her parents to UK, in London, hoping that she will get a better treatment. Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t help her. So the young Viktoria who was facing bad jokes from the other children and who also had difficulty moving, asked the doctors to amputate her leg. She was 20 years old. After this decision, Viktoria discovered her passion for music and fashion, got rid of all her negative experience and transformed it to a positive one.


viktoria modesta makeViktoria-Modesta proteza bionica

The video “Prototype” was promoted by Channel 4 and all the costs were payed by the tv station. But the first grand event in Modesta’s singing career was in 2012, when she had a show at the closing ceremony of Paralympics Summer Games held in London.

Viktoria Modesta – Prototype

Forget what you know about disability. Channel 4 on Twitter: | Facebook: Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist. Make sure you stick around for the amazing spike dance at the end. Created by 4creative, directed by Saam Farahmand.

Viktoria Modesta’s performance as Amazing Snow Queen | Paralympic Games London 2012

Viktoria Modesta’s performance as Amazing Snow Queen, Paralympic Games London 2012

Photo credit: Ewelina Stechnij / ChilliMedia, Viktoria Modesta Facebook profile.

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