World seen from the 102nd floor, in One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center 14

I traveled by plane many times. Not yet with a helicopter, but after I went up in the highest building from North America, it’s kind’ve the same. 🙂 One World Trade Center is located in Manhattan, New York City, in the same area where the World Trade Center twins were destroyed in the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The architects probably wanted the new building to include the same figures, even if in a different order, and One World Trade Center have 102 floors.

Building’s opening for the public was recenty held, on 29 May 2015. In Manhattan, New York, the weather changes very often, so if you want to visit One World Trade Center, check the weather forecast twice. Otherwise, you risk to see mostly clouds. A ticket for an adult costs 32 dollars and easiest is to buy it online and go straight with the printed ticket because people are waiting in line according to the time stated on the ticket entrance. The price is not cheap, but the whole experience is worth every penny.

One minute and you’re up in One World Observatory!

The time you spend in the elevator all the way up to the top it takes only one minute. In addition, the elevator has screens on all four sides and show an animated time lapse that recreates the development of New York City’s skyline, from the 1500s to today. The images gives you the feeling that you go up somewhere outside the building and, trust me, the sensation is unique and unforgettable! Those who feel dizzy or are afraid of heights are advised to close their eyes. However, you arrive very quickly in One World Observatory.

All the visitors are then invited to watch a video presentation with pictures of the famous Big Apple and about the construction of One World Trade Center. And when you least expect it, an incredible view in shown before your eyes. I must admitt for me this had a goose bumps effect. And then in the next two hours I spent at the 102nd floor, time seemed to have stood still. I enjoyed the fabulous view and taken as many pictures as i could on my digital camera.

The WiFi is free, so you can share pictures in real time with your family and friends.

One World Trade Center 2

One World Trade Center 3

One World Trade Center 4One World Trade Center 5

One World Trade Center 7

One World Trade Center 8

One World Trade Center 9

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One World Trade Center 15

One World Trade Center 16

One World Trade Center 18

One World Trade Center 1

Photo credit: Corina Stoicescu

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